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ALL FLOYD are a 9 piece band who believe passionately about recreating the sounds, feel and spectacle of the original musical giants.

Their 2024 tour brings more of the classic Pink Floyd anthology to shows throughout the year, all faithfully recreated in the immense detail now expected by All Floyd fans.   

Delivered with stunning visuals and world class sound system the 2024 tour builds on the successes of 2023 to both astound and impress even the most hardened of tribute act doubters……

"Number after number turned out immaculately, note perfect, complete with backing singers and that wonderful, rich throbbing sound that Floyd fans will be familiar with. Messers Mason, Gilmour, Waters, Wright & Barrett would have been proud to hear their music so faithfully rendered. Close your eyes and they could have been in the room. They weren’t, but they could have been."


This is a show not to miss, a spectacular and honest display of Pink Floyd’s rich musical legacy featuring tracks from Meddle and the iconic Dark Side of the Moon through to The Division Bell.

Bricks and Mortar performances are scaled back to fit in smaller venues. It opens up opportunities to bring All Floyd performance to more places and to see us in a relaxed and local venue. Most venues will be too small to include the video and big lightshow but still feature the whole band playing about 2 hours of Pink Floyd material. Many of the gigs will be free or have a very small admission charge to cover basic costs. It's also a chance for All Floyd to try out new ideas and material before playing them in larger Theatres.

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